Sunday, March 04, 2007

Warning: No "Get Back to Work" Saving Throw Will Work Against This

According to Tolkien, the Elves took thought and (with a disguised Sauron's assistance) conceived of the Rings of Power. This guy, on the other hand, took thought and (all on his own, no disgraced Maia, no nothing) came up with this.

Warning: It takes longer to get through than the original Council of Elrond, but boy is it worth it.

Update 3/8/07: I was extremely remiss in not tipping the hat to fellow blogger and frequent commenter John Condray as the source of that link. My apologies.

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Anonymous said...

It's a thing of beauty. My BIL turned me on to this one. Really I find the commentary and the posts to be occasionally funnier than the strips themselves (although the night encounter during a watch on the river Anduin is my favorite so far).