Monday, March 05, 2007

Dance Beaver

In the post below JJV had the temerity to state that he did not like dancing. That was an extremely dangerous statement to make in front of our six readers, nearly all of whom have seen him dance at various venues through the years and saw no arms twisted in the process. (Except for his partners'. Ba dump! I'm here all week! Remember your waiters!)

In that spirit, and as someone who witnessed JJV get ejected from this fine establishment for indulging his terpsichorean tendencies, I feel it necessary to point out that New York City has upheld its ban on dancing in bars.

JJV may console himself with the news that beavers have returned to the Bronx. Yes, that is a shameless attempt to drive up readership via accidental search results.

Hat tip to Laura for both of these items.


jjv said...

Except at my wedding I do not believe anyone here has seen me dance without consuming a large amount of adult beverages.
Second, I love the beaver story especially the part about "their habitat is shrinking." No it isn't. The population is increasing and new areas like the Bronx river are opening up. What we need is a return to the rage for felt hats.

I am restraining myself from a host of inappropriate jokes by the way. Don't post on this again.

Dave S. said...

No, no, everyone at your wedding had consumed a large amount of adult beverages before seeing you dance. It's really the only way we can get through it.