Friday, April 27, 2007

Does This Orientation Make Me Look Fat?

The story about the Japanese buying sheep for thousands of dollars believing them to be poodles is making the rounds. Until it is verified by someone I trust I will not post it. But it is hilarious.

This story however confirms stereotypes with scientific study and thus I provide it for debunking purposes only.

I will also post the storm of outrage and criticism this study is likely to create. I predict four types of criticism 1. Not true: Lesbianism is a cross-section of all body types (no studies cited); 2. Nothing wrong with being fat and the study adds to impossible body image problems women suffer; 3. unbound by patriarchal, male-gaze related problems these women are free to be themselves which is more healthy; 4. I wasn't given the phone numbers of the the skinny lesbians.

Any bets on whether male homosexuality is correlated to larger or smaller body mass?

Finally, to forestall CRH (should he ever comment) correlation does not mean causation. I know. I know.

Update: Snope Never sleeps. Sheep and dogs debunked-

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Dave S. said...

I'm confused. Are you suggesting that overweight lesbians are behind the propagation of urban legends?