Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spengler, Tolkien, and the West

via Ross Douhot over at the American Scene I have this piece by Spengler. J.R.R.'s son has put together "Children of Hurin" from his father's notes. If you read the Silmarillion (and which of the geeks who reads this thing did not) you will have heard of him.

Spengler on Tolkien. The internet is amazing even to a luddite like me. (now I'm off to smash some textile machines).

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Dave S. said...

Has Spengler not read The Silmarillion? I am curious as to how the new story differs from the previous version apart from expanded dialogue. From Spengler's review I could not see any difference, but Spengler after all was not interested in the story itself, rather in its use as a peg on which to hang his various pronouncements.

In any event the tale of Turin is well worth reading and I hope JJV breaks his Regnery-publications-only rule so I can borrow it when he is done.