Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gentlemen, Still no Fighting in the War Room!

Here from Slate, something new (and old) to worry about. I have been more concerned about the "lone nuke" as of late but in my youth spent much time pondering throw weights, massive retaliation, MIRV's, MAD, IRNMs, tactical nukes and of course, SDI (called Star Wars and we Cold Warriors "owned" the insult).

All gone with the Soviet Union. However, in this fascinating and irresponsibly apocalyptic piece we learn that all of these doom day devices may yet finish us. I tend to think all of these institutional doomsday protocols are to denuded now to actually function even where they still exist but if not, Thomas Wolfe was wrong you can go home again!

I call dibs on the underground bunker. I hope my quota of 25 year old women can be found sans tattoos. Also, detente or no detente I reject Putin being able to see the Big Board!

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Dave S. said...

Fortunately, this kind of thing never happens.