Wednesday, September 05, 2007

John McCain-Smacking Down Punks.

This is a perfect example of why I love John McCain despite his many failings on freedom of speech, immigration and other issues. Some punk kid got told off in a funny way. What other politician is willing to smack around our cossetted youth? I really hope McCain comes back. In my book when it comes to Presidents there is no such thing as too old or too ornery. Also, when I see what he did in his youth it just blows me away. People under 25, steeped in the Hollywood/Pop culture or basted in the Left liberal pieties of higher education are the least Republican cohort. But even these empty headed, tattooed, bike-helmeted, little snots know a man when they see one.

Nothing will so demonstrate the contrast between the parties then Hillary Clinton; Yale anti-war agitator, and John McCain; Naval Academy-anti-Communist, anti-jihad warrior.

The media and the college crowds have turned on him because his "maverick" ways now include bucking their safe, smug certainties about war, marriage and family.

Immigration and speech control may kill him finally in the primaries but he is entitled to look around at his competitors and say "I can't believe I'm losing to these guys!"

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LAM said...

Good thing for McCain those punks weren't from S. Carolina.