Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Live RutaBlogging!

8:05 PM: Laura has just informed me that she is about to begin rutabaga preparations. The kitchen has gone all quiet.

8:09 PM: The iPod is fully charged and the first rutabaga is on the cutting board. The knife is out!

8:13 PM: The first rutabaga is peeled. Laura states that it smells like the sand of the Jersey Shore. Oddly enough, she is right.

8:22 PM: Rapid peeling sounds are emanating from the kitchen, but no report from Laura yet. Tension mounting.

8:22 PM: A large thunk and an indeterminate spousal noise, followed by the sound of running water. What does it all mean?

8:24 PM: Laura reports 4 rutabagas (of 4, unless they bred in the produce bag, which has been known to happen) peeled.

8:37 PM: Water a-boiling (more water!) and rutabagas a-chopping.

8:41 PM: All rutabagas chopped! The heaping bowl of pale orange cubes awaits its fate.

8:50 PM: The 'bagas are boiling. More later.

10:15 PM: A trip through the food processor, a lot of butter, and voila! Yummy rutabaga goodness!

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