Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Third (!) Annual Rutablogging

Behold the 2007 Rutabagas:

Previous Rutablogs:


Yes, this is what I do while waiting for pies to cool.

Incidentally my wife Laura, processor of the rutabagas into a yummy Thanksgiving tradition, has informed me that the Advanced Rutabaga Studies Institute now has its own blog. Huzzah, I guess.

OK, I officially declare the pies cool. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Update 11/21: JJV has just directed me to this (select 11-21). Clearly the MSM is following the blogosphere's lead on this one.

I would also like to respond to JJV's comment by acknowledging that I am a kitchen Nazi under most circumstances and a worse one when pie crust is involved. People would indeed end up shot to pieces were it not for the dearth of handguns in the District that Messrs. Scalia et al. will soon restore.* Our can opener also picked the wrong time to die (read that in an Eastwood voice for maximum effect) but fortunately a neighbor kindly let me open the pumpkin cans with theirs.

*OK, that was a cheap shot (ba-dump). DC's handgun ban is unconstitutional and the strikedown may lower crime rates in New York by diverting the flow of illegal weapons from Virginia into DC instead.

1 comment:

jjv said...

I have to say with all this pie cooling business you sound even fussier than normal.

In the cartoons wandering hobos, Snuffy Smith, Yogi Bear, or incorrigble children take the pies cooling in the window. In D.C. they are, no doubt, shot to pieces.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.