Tuesday, November 20, 2007

'Tis the Season

It's a good time to be a Boston sports fan. While the Red Sox won their second World Series in four years, the Patriots began their rampage through the weak and effete, well, rest of the NFL, leaving smoking ruins and man-high piles of bobblehead skulls in their wake. OK, except perhaps Indianapolis and they've lost a bunch of their starters to injury or, more likely judging from the prevailing media attitude, the dark magic of Bill Belichick and the Godawful Hooded Sweatshirt of Doom.

Their fans have also emerged blinking into the light. At least one of them has a great blog.

I have had several debates with different people about the whole "running up the score" business. My position matches those NFL players who have been quoted as saying that it is the job of the defense to stop the offense. Of course, given the volatility of rosters I would go out of my way, were I an NFL player (i.e. 2.5 of the current me), to avoid antagonizing a coach and team for whom I might eventually have a chance to join. However, for me it comes down to the same reason that dogs routinely perform personal hygiene: Because They Can. Any coach or player that says they would do otherwise is lying. I speak not as a player but as a Bills fan and veteran of the increasingly horrific Super Bowl years of the early 90s.


Anonymous said...

You know my views on the score business, and I have no problems agreeing to disagree. And maybe Patriots fans have "emerged blinking into the light." Boston fans have always been noticeable, and thanks to the inevitable bandwagoners they are now even more reviled than Yankee fans in many quarters. Which, as a Yankee fan, amuses me :)


Dave S. said...

It at least takes some of the pressure off of you.

By "blinking into the light" I admit I am kind of glossing over the past few years of Patriots success, but the difference this year, both in on-field performance and off-field bandwagoning, has been remarkable.

I likewise have no problems agreeing to disagree with an illustrious fellow blogger.

Offered as a "have you seen this" rather than "and another thing": I have seen some references to teams almost preferring to continue to be steamrolled rather than be let up on as a matter of pride. I know from my limited athletic experience (as a not very good athlete, mind you) that I strongly resent anyone "playing down to my level."

Belichick made an interesting observation that kicking a field goal was running up the score, versus going for it on fourth down in FG territory with the game in hand. You're actually depriving the other team of a chance to stop you, and scoring "gimme" points in the process (unless you're the new de-improved Adam Viniateri or He Who Must Not Be Named in Buffalo Even After 17 Years). Unfortunately, Belichick's head was rotating through 360 degrees as he was saying that so it went largely unreported in the press.