Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year And Thanks To the United States Armed Forces

As I await my family's return from Chicago where a flight delay has me picking them up at 12:01 a.m., I think of the year that was and how much more hopeful this year is because of the Surge, Petraeus and the men under him.

On a more personal but less global scale, I want to thank Mr. Slattery for all of his fine work on this blog, read by literally half dozens over the year. Finally, in what I believe is the last post of the year, I wish to cap the sometimes jejune banter and insult that sometimes infects these environs to note the obvious superiority of all of my views and comments throughout the year. Silence until 2008 will be treated as agreement by all my co-bloggers.


Anonymous said...


Happy new year, JJV! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, let the record reflect that previous comment was mine.

Go 'Skins!


jjv said...

Let the record reflect that JCC is not an official blogger on this site and is so not locked in for the year as Dave and the rest!

Dave S. said...

He's got you there. I will express agreement via jejune banter and insult to the best of my ability. I cannot speak for my other co-bloggers as they have a collective total of one post. Ahem.