Thursday, December 27, 2007

Important Considerations for Birthday Parties in the Near Future

The results are in and they are not too surprising.


Dave S:

I can imagine that twin boys would render certain notions of restraint and decency, well, quaint, to coin a phrase.

This just in: Laura, who describes herself as "kind of average with moral issues," reports that she could take 11. Apparently she lost points by refusing to weaponize a child.


jjv said...

If you could have the video of Kramer getting attacked by all those kids in his karate class it would be great for this post.

And yes, you can not show weakness in the face of the five year old threat. However, I no doubt stole a march on you on body size and "how many fights have you been in in your life." I put "maybe" on weaponizing the children. This is probably not an accurate statement upon reflection.

Dave S. said...

Correct on body size and fight history. Experience counts.

I also answered "maybe" on weaponizing. That kind of hesitation is going to get me trampled at Chuck E. Cheese someday.