Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Women Should also Admire Men Who Make Less Money and Have Pathetic Physiques.

This British twit says that women, to save the planet, must cease admiring men in flashy sport cars. In this case Mazzeratis. Apparently the Mazzarati drivers have too great a carbon footprint. If global warming is the doom of us and can only be stopped by women admiring men in Priuses then we are doomed.

This type of expectation on the part of Global Warmers simply demonstrates how unrealistic they are. Young beautiful women (the worst offenders on the car issue in my limited experience) are simply not going to throw themselves at men on scooters regardless of the consequences to the planet.

There is a terrible tragedy of the commons here. If a guy in a snazzy sports car drives up and a girl ignores him, she can get on the back of the next guy's scooter but there just has to be one other women who likes sports cars (and all they represent) and the first women's sacrifice for the planet is wasted.

Perhaps we should institute a program of "pulchritude" offsets or credits. I leave its formulation for better economists.

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Dave S. said...

My thoughts, such as they are:

1) Three guesses what this guy's teeth look like. Yeah Baby!

2) I like the scientist's implication that the entire British Government could fit in a Prius. Grover Norquist, call your office.

3) The entire situation could be solved if Toyota renamed the car to Priapus.

4) Pre-1993 I would have been behind this guy's platform (as aptly expressed in the post's title) 100%. These days you're on your own.