Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary Cries, Obama Dies!

God willing I have channeled tomorrow's NY Post headline. All of the polls were wrong. The main cities of NH, with large government run union turn-out gave Hillary a win. Obama took all the small towns and receIved the youth vote (which was just average here). It looks like Hillary will win by 2 percentage points. Women gave her an overwhelming margin. Single women (which is unmarried women from youth to old spinsterhood) gave her a 17% margin, but she won all catagories of women and lost all catagories of men. Women outnumber men in Democratic primaries by a significant margin. Ill-news for the phenom. Hope lost in New Hampshire tonight on the Democrat side. Harry Reid's son is running her campaign in Nevada. John Edwards could actually hold the balance of power there if he were to pivot to Obama. But methinks he will stay in. One big issue is whether blacks will move toward Obama. A man whose grandfather was a Kenyan goatherd, is fighting the wife of a former President, and the heir apparent to Democratic nomination to a standstill in almost all-white states. If African-Americans, especially older ones, stay with Hillary she will win. If they turn to Obama she will lose. As Dave notes below, I detest Hillary Clinton and all the works of Clintonism. Obama is far more left-wing but he is wrong not evil. Hillary could have died tonight but she lived. Now all of the flying monkeys will come after the poor Scarecrow. He will need all of his brains and charm, and many buckets of water, to take her down and survive. If not, like Dorothy, I will miss him most of all.

My man John McCain is alive and well. He gave a speech in what Dave would call my "idiom" in accepting victory tonight. All patriotism, victory over the enemy, and a larger national purpose. Large portions of the Right hate him, he is old and irascable and wrong on many things. But the warrior-born is alive and has many advantages in Michigan. Whether its Hillary or Obama, John McCain is the best hope of the Republican Party and the country in a dangerous world. My penultimate sign-off here will be one I hope to use until November, my last welcomes Dave's new blogging friend and is the second in a tradition.



UPDATE: Freddoso over at NRO disses my headline premise: http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=Yzg1MDQwNTA3MzdiNWYwZjMwOWRlNzY3YzYyNmE4NWU=

To which I say, what do Romniacs know?

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