Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lose a Potential Team Member, Gain a Blogroll Entry

After initially promising negotiations my friend Jennifer Schiff has launched her own blog rather than join the Potpourri for $500 team. This is for the best, as her writing not only deserves its own home but would have made the current team look like (bigger) pikers by comparison.

Welcome to the blogosphere, J!


jjv said...

In fairness, I wioul not have been such a big piker if I knew we could post about monkey sex and grooming rituals.

Dave S. said...

Perhaps that explains the reticence of our other team members.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, David. P4500 is a FINE blog. Btw, How much do I owe you again? Stay tuned for more primate rituals, football scores, and why the more the drink the drunker you get.

Dave S. said...

I'll put it on the tab, J.

First you've suggested that some think of sex as a commodity, now you're relating increased alcohol consumption to drunkenness? I mean, you're entitled to say what you want on your blog, but come on.