Friday, January 25, 2008

There Are No Libertarians In Foxholes.

I was sent to this post by the American Scene now presided over by a fellow named Reihan, now that Ross Douthot has decamped to the Atlantic. I never heard of Will Wilkinson before but I find it hilarious that a guy whose picture on his blog screams "Teenage Boy" should accuse the muscular foreign policy Right of adolescent attachments.

I also have to admit I have sought out rooms much like he describes(minus the garish rugs) all of my life. Nonetheless, with that admission we have the extent of the accuracy of Wilkinson.

The National Greatness Conservatives, and John McCain in particular do not believe, to take a word from the Greens, that a public life dedicated to more and more garish consumption and retreating from taking on bad actors in the world, lest it interrupt Mr. Wilkinson's time logged on Second Life, is sustainable. Their dessicated view of public life, and of the life of a Nation, and of what human needs are, especially for free men, in short order makes a country that is both unlovable and that will not be defended when it is attacked.

Obviously, there ought to be balance with private gain and home life, but the sheer vitriol directed at John McCain by this sort of screed, strikes me as the Iago-like jealously of all the slinking aesthetes when faced with a warrior Othello.

Look at the Libertarians. Examine the folks who follow Ron Paul. Sup but a moment with a Randian. Very quickly one comes to the realization of why their followers are less numerous than even Scientologists.

Liberal Individualism is not defined by Mr. Wilkinson, who loudly proclaims himself a thinking man to distinguish him from those vulgar unthinking military men and "neocons" (who he tars as quasi-fascist). But from the evidence presented I think I can spot the Liberal Individualist as the guy, when the Fascists do come for us, who thinks up a lot of reasons why having him do anything to fight them is unjust.

And the next time people like me are accused of adolescent unseriousness it would help if the accuser looked like he's stopped using Clearesel.

And I exempt Heinlen from my post-title.

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Dave S. said...

As usual there is so much chaff blowing around in this that my response systems have jammed.

However, I find JJV's objection to vitriolic screeds mildly amusing.