Sunday, March 09, 2008

I'd Rebut This But the Nyquil Just Kicked In

I have a scratchy throat and feel a bit blah but I don't think my symptoms approach those of the dreaded man-cold:

Nor indeed am I afflicted with the less well-known but probably almost-horrific crouton lung, but I think we've all experienced something like that at one point or another. Except for women. "Higher pain threshold." Hmph.


Anonymous said...

OMG. I am still LMAO. Very, very funny, Mr. S. (Who knew the power of Nyquil? Or were you inhaling it?)

I hope you feel better soon. (I have been a prisoner inside my domicile for the past three days, tending to a sick child who has -- or had -- a killer cough and scratchy throat, who would give the man in the video good competition.)

Dave S. said...

I really have nothing to complain about - it's one of those colds that lurks just over the horizon and sends minor symptoms over to scout for weak spots.

I actually try to stay away from the -Quils as I almost prefer fever etc. to the medicinal haze induced thereby.

Hope the kid's feeling better soon!