Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obama Better Get Garlic and a Cross Next Time.

It appears that Hillary has won Ohio and Rhode Island and likely Texas. She has stopped the bleeding and can now stay in and fight. Twelve straight losses did not knock her out. At 3.00 a.m in the morning Obama better know how to answer the bell. He will win Wyoming and Mississippi but then comes P.A. Neither side will win this outright. It will go to party stalwarts known a superdelegates. Who can win these and importanly, when? Negative advertising works. That is why Hillary is politically alive (and an early Fitzmas present as Scooter Libby's tormentor brings on the Rezko pain yesterday).

He better learn how to fight because Obama is in one.

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Anonymous said...

Yours is my favorite headline re yesterday's primaries and primacaucus. Good advice, though I would also have him load up on silver bullets and wooden stakes, just to be on the safe side.