Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hebdomas Mirabilis

The past few days have witnessed extraordinary events. Almost simultaneously, our very own CRH surfaced to contribute his first three posts while, at the other end of the spectrum, our home computer died, initially ascribed to a motherboard failure. Without waiting for JCF to reappear for his second post, Fate intervened and turned an expected 5-day downtime for our computer into less than 24 hours (only the power supply needed to be replaced) and canceling JJV's post titled "Westu Inspiron Hal!"

Also our newly-remodeled master bathroom looks great.

It has been a rough few days but it is once more morning in America.


Anonymous said...

So you can post, what, a half dozen new entries but can't leave one stinking (or sweet-smelling) comment on my latest blog post, a post written (partially) with you in mind?! I am deeply wounded. Crushed even. Send food.

Dave S. said...

Fortunately I am always within several feet of Goldfish or mini-ricecakes. Stand by.