Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vice President?

On the way back from a foray with my sons to Roosevelt (the good one who shot bears) Island this afternoon, I drove through my neighborhood, chock-a-block with latte sipping lefties that have done their best to make Robert E. Lee's Northern Virginia an out-post of Brookline, Massachusetts, and saw two lawn signs reading "impeach them both." Of course these were in an odious lime green an pink color, rather red, white or blue, and I immedietely thought "Tim Keane hasn't done anything impeachable"

Our Governor is safe, not content to wait less than a year for Obama, a certain preening, lefty fever swamp dweller wishes to inflict Pelosi on us first. I actually am with them. I call on the President and Vice President to resign forthwith. Six and a half months of a Democratic Congress, a Democratic Senate and a San Francisco Democrat at the helm will ruin the chances of either Obama or Hillary, and even threaten Republican capture of the legislature. Do it for your country boys!

Until then there is this Rorshach test where many have seen a naked women reflected in Vice-President Cheney's Cheaters. This article explains what it actually is and I'm pretty sure the shortest book in the history of the world has got to be "Naked Women I Have Met While Fly Fishing."

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