Monday, April 14, 2008

Judging Under the Cover By The Book.

Via Harry Hutton we have this NYT article on women who will not "see" certain men depending on their choice of fiction. I am flabbergasted. I say this as someone who always checks out what people are reading on the metro and catagores them accordingly. This article does point out that men are unlikely to kick a women out of bed because she chooses to read the wrong thing but it does cite one fellow who dumps a girl for her lack of literary taste. I'm sure he and his "life partner" are very happy now.

Now there are class and cultural gaps that may be unbridgeable in most cases, but if you absolutely must have a Pushkin reader in a husband you better go Russian or go home. However, the small, select readership (and authorship) of this blog is somewhat widely read and also God knows there is some intellectual pretension among its denizens (note bene "denizens"). So I put it out there, has anyone, even JCF either (say which) 1) avoided bedding someone; 2) broken up with some one; or 3) avoided a date, even partially, for their taste in books? Do you know anyone who has? Where does the NYT find these people?

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Dave S. said...

Now that would certainly have helped with the crowd control issues I used to experience at the entrance to my bedroom. Yeah. Although the article correctly notes that Ayn Rand is a deal-breaker.

Your Pushkin comment naturally led me to think of John Cleese (OK, Jamie Lee Curtis) in A Fish Called Wanda.

When I am on the Metro I prejudge people by their posture. Much quicker than reading book titles and usually more accurate.

Finally, literary incompatibility has its advantages. When Laura has trouble getting to sleep a few paragraphs of John Keegan do the trick nicely.