Friday, May 02, 2008

Dust Off Your Wigs

Lawyers, Guns and Money flagged this site as worth visiting, and it is quite impressive in concept.

I was pleasantly surprised to find few references to possible very distant relatives in the records. Interestingly, within a space of a few years in the 1860s there were two instances of passing bad coins. Reflecting the outlook of the sovereign at the time, the justice system was not amused.


jjv said...

I noted one person with my last name in the entire record. Accused of stabbing a guy with knife and running off in "a general stampede of Italians." He was acquitted as the victim said it wasn't him but another guy when asked on the stand. The Irish side has too many similiar names to be useful.

Dave S. said...

Yes, while the Italians stampeded, the Irish stuck around and committed various petty crimes. I forget whether or not I'm supposed to be proud of that.