Friday, May 02, 2008

It has both kinds of beer - glasses and pitchers

This Wonkette item brought back memories, though fewer than had we spent less time at the Tune Inn. (Interestingly, that second link makes it sound like a nice place.)

Although JJV probably already knew this, I learned from the Wonkette piece that the establishment has a basement. Having experienced the delights of the first floor I can only imagine what the basement is like.

The post title refers to the long-gone days when there was only one beer on tap, making it very easy to order. If you couldn't slur "glass" or "pitcher" you knew it was time to go home. Most of the time, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories. I think. What I can remember of them.

A trip to visit you was not the same without a visit to the Tune Inn, where the stuffed deer and the antelope played -- or watched you play, or pass out.

jjv said...

My favorite (printable) memory of the Tune Inn was during the great snow of 1997 I think. I lived right behind it (bliss it was that dawn to be alive). The streets were not plowed and the stores were closed. The Tune Inn however was open and I ate all of my meals there untilon day 3 they ran out of fries! We had eaten the Tune Inn out of its stores. The beer held out for a few more days. Of course by then they had more than National Bohemian on tap. I was interviewed by Katie Couric there on Iran-Contra as well and was the second person to use the credit card machine (Kelly was the first).

If J was there I wonder if I've ever met her?

Dave S. said...

I am pretty sure you have met J but I am also pretty sure that I steered her clear of the Tune Inn. Being a man of high standards, I of course took her to the Underground for lunch once. Yeesh. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

I must have met JJV at some point, yes? Of course, you could invite me to D.C. (yet another overt hint) and we could all enjoy a glass or pitcher at the Tune Inn, which, despite your best efforts, I believe we did go to (at least once). Though it may have been the once.

Btw, great Tune Inn story, JJV. You're famous!

Dave S. said...

I can see taking you there as an "everyone should experience this at least once" thing. As for the invitation, you know that there is a standing invitation for you to visit any time.

JJV is also famous for being ejected and banned from the premises for a period of time (I forget how long) for dancing. CRH and I notified the news media but no one followed up.