Saturday, May 03, 2008

Iron Man, Kirk and Kennedy.

I have stated elsewhere in this blog (incapable of providing a link) that I am not so conservative that I would not fit in happily as "New Frontiersman." This piece in the Sun by Andrew Stuttaford points out the original Iron Man was a Cold Warrior of the Jack Kennedy sort (and Howard Hughes). The new movie looks great, and he is fighting terrorists so they have not comsymped him to death, but I liked the original story. When I see what has been done to John Kennedy by the liberals I'm glad the fictional Tony Stark made it out semi-intact. The thing about John Kennedy, Tony Stark and James T. Kirk is that they are not angst ridden losers lashing out at every authority figure or institution on order. The enemy of their country is their enemy. The prescence of a pretty girl is not a cue to wrestle over feminism and to express their sensitivity. They aren't filled with self-loathing for their privileged position in life. They are perfectly willing to work in or for large institutions without a long dissertation on how they are losing their souls.

The period 1960-1964 may have been the apogee of the image of the American man. After that, its all Frampton, androgyny, or parody.


Here is Tony Stark as Iron Man in cartoons I watched as a boy (in reruns I think).

The voice of Tony Stark is John Vernon who in later life became Dean Wormer. Here he just puts commies on double secret probation. Natasha the Black Widow later defects and becomes Daredevils girlfriend. Iron Man in the 60's a millionaire industrialist, becomes today a billionaire industrialist so as not to fall into Dr. Evil's inflationary trap.


Dave S. said...

See you in the parody section, I suppose. Unless you have hidden vocorder skills; if so, kindly keep them hidden. "JJV Comes Alive," indeed.

Anonymous said...

OMG. I watched those cartoons too! Along with Captain America. (Loved the theme song.)

And my spouse, who is a Frampton fan (and very secure in his masculinity) informs me that it's not a vocorder but a Heil Talk Box.

Getting back to Iron Man, the movie, would love to see it, if I could just find someone to go with me (who is not a teenage boy).

jjv said...

For the first time in many years an old friend of mine, who was also my best man, called me right after he left he show to tell me the movie is great and that his wife loved it as well. Apparently it is not only for fan boys.