Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Favorite Place

I just wanted to draw attention to a PBS show next week on the Adirondacks, a park that two of my co-bloggers will not be visiting this year.



Dave S. said...

Nothing says "Adirondacks" like a fuchsia background. Or are they faking 90s web design to get people to feel sorry for them and pledge more money?

Laura and I (and Fiona and Bryan) very much regret not going this year, and are not looking forward to answering Fiona's inevitable question "When are we going to Enchanted Forest?" I also know that JJV is disappointed not to be able to drive Le Mans-style to Watertown Airport (motto: "Welcome Wright Brothers") midway through a trip.

To compensate, we will have you over for Saranac and pretend we paid less than $10 a sixpack for it. Also a variety of pies.

jjv said...

My boys always ask when they can go to the "Mountain Home." Come August we will all miss it.

Anonymous said...

OMG -- so the pie thing isn't just for Ace's amusement??

Dave S. said...

These are not the same pies as the other pies. The pies referenced above are found at the IGA supermarket in Old Forge and are the go-to dessert for Adirondack vacation dinners. The other pies, those that draw the ire of Ace, are ones that I have made myself. He should be so lucky to experience such pies of either variety.

Anonymous said...

Aaahh I am elightened