Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Gift That Keeps On Giving or "Now Everyone Will Want One."

Forget about the tie girls, here's a birthday present you don't see everyday. The women of my acquaintence who have commented about this particularly liked "I wanted to give him something noone else would."

I will add one comment. The NYT calls one couple "steak eating Republicans." Wow! They eat steak!? They must be right-wing! I can't imagine anyone is too conservative who publishes the intimate details of their marital relations with Simon & Schuster.

Update: Prof. Althouse says this is the most emailed piece in the entire NY Times. The comments are sometimes pretty funny. Especially, "Maybe they just like contract."


Anonymous said...

I've been giving this present for 17 years. Haven't had it returned or exchanged yet.

jjv said...

So, the woman who has the gall in another post to call me:"a happily (though clearly very horny) married man?" now claims to be doing it every day for 17 years? This is this monogamous analogue of Wilt Chamberlin's claims. In fact, that is the wrong sports analogy. If this asserted claim is accurate J is the Cal Ripken of conjugal relations.

Anonymous said...

What's galling about being called happily married? Sheesh. Btw, guys aren't the only ones with needs.

If you like, you may now refer to me as Cal. Though full disclosure, like the couples in the article (meat-eating and otherwise), there was time off for/during travel... hospital stays... illness... childbirth and recovery... and probably some other things, though we tried to make for those by doubling or tripling up on other occasions. ; P