Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pull Up Your Socks.

Spengler, who writes for the Asian Times is a favorite of mine. I do not know who he is but here he attacks care free youths of America. I think our current problems will ebb to be replaced by other problems and that American youth will continue to be what he derides here. Still, this was bracing to read. One thing I can't abide is spending ones time drinking beer when one is supposed to be getting an education.

Also, I think his analysis is completely wrong in that Michael Barone has written about this phenomenon. "Hard America, Soft America" is his book on how the American working world quickly cleans up the bad habits imparted by American education. The kids who at 20 know far less than there European and Asian competitors are suddenly far more productive than those competitors by 30. Moreover, 70% of Americans do not graduate from college. There are other avenues of life here.


Anonymous said...

Pop a nice cold one (preferably one distributed by McCain's blonde beer heiress wife's family) and chill out, JJV. The kids are alright.

Lietzy said...

So you're saying that you can't abide my entire law school experience, JJV? Oh, the irony.