Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Man (and song) for All Seasons

My good friend and blogospheric colleague J has featured the marvelous Tom Lehrer's "Masochism Tango" in her latest post. As a huge Lehrer fan going way back, I was inspired to post my own particular favorites.

The Vatican Rag (by JJV special request):

National Brotherhood Week:

The Elements (I was initially annoyed by the animation but it is actually quite good):

And finally, from his slightly later period, Silent E from Electric Company:


Anonymous said...

OMG! I LOVE the Silent E song!!! And I had no idea (until now) that it was Tom Lehrer! Thank you, Dave.

Also, for the record, "Vatican Rag" is one of my all-time Lehrer faves, too, as well as the other two you feature. (And yes, I too had fun watching them on YouTube.)

And speaking of National Democrat Week, to quote/paraphrase Mr. Lehrer:

But during National Democrat Week, National Democrat Week,
Clintonites love the Obama-ites 'cause it's very chic.
Step up and shake the hand
Of someone you can't stand.
You can tolerate him if you try.

jjv said...

I'm more amazed that T.L. is 80 this year. He is a programmatic leftie according to Wikie. Another indication that Harvard has been the ruin of more good men than the House of the Rising Sun.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to JJV to turn a celebration of genius into a political rant.

Speaking of rant ... HEY, my blog link got deleted in the rebuild! I'd sue, but the damages would be highly speculative.


Dave S. said...

Your blog link is still there, but unless you have posted quite recently it will be under the "Show All" link. Yes, I was ensnared by a cool Blogger gadget, as alluded to in this post.