Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Into the Deep End

I wish JJV had told me about his bid for an Instapundit-fueled vortex earlier, as we are still in the midst of cleaning up after Hurricane Buzz. However, I understand that genius cannot wait, although that doesn't necessarily cover this.

Nevertheless, for clarity and because BlogLists are cool I have set up a blogroll called "Community Pool," consisting of those sites requested by at least two team members.

I am also pleased to hail EMM's entry into the fray on this auspicious date. One more post and you will have left JCF behind!

1 comment:

EMM said...

Sorry to JCF that I've already made my second post. Nothing personal, I did not look at this as a competition (except for my own "best title" category). I'm delighted to see that the post stayed on top today. It feels like when mom showcased artwork on the fridge.