Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Radicals To See Here, Move Along

Tigerhawk points up something that is disturbing and may injure the effort to call every radical link of Barack Hussein Obama a "distraction." Che keeps showing up with his supporters. Che Guevera killed people to install by violence, atheistic, collectivist communist government on Catholic people throughout South America. Why do Obama's supporters so often have his likeness on display?

Over the years for reasons of realpolitic, balance of power or otherwise, the Right has backed Franco, Pinochet and the previous South African regime against their Communist antagonists. But after years of toiling in the Rightwing vinyards I have yet to see anyone with a picture, painting or other homage to Francisco Franco, Auguste Pinochet or Botha anywhere on their person or property. We're glad they stopped Communism in their countries during the Cold War but are not exactly thrilled with the ideology or methods. There are no Pinochet fetishists.

The Cheistas are fetishists. They are in a long line of Lefties who "see the future" in Moscow; wear Mao jackets, Viet Cong black pajamas; Arafta kiffaya's and the like. These people are on the fringe of our polity but Obama threatens to bring them close to power.

Maybe Tim Russert, R.I.P., would have asked him why so many of his supporters are so enamored of Che but I wonder if anyone else will.

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Lietzy said...

JJV, were you drunk when you wrote this? That is about as incoherent a ramble as I have seen from you in a long time.