Sunday, June 15, 2008

What's A Curmudgeon To Do?

I have seen this meme of the generous, upstanding, big hearted conservatives for sometime now. I think it applies to most of this country. I do not believe it applies to the Northeast. I believe to maintain a conservative outlook while being raised in New York, Boston, Philadelphia or anywhere within 50 miles of them, and then existing as a conservative through college and God Forbid, graduate school requires a bile duct of tremendous vigor.

Secondly, I suspect this research has been done and this argument made because these nice conservatives are tired of being called meanies all the time. This disgusts me. Esse quam videri is a favorite saying of conservatives (and apparently North Carolina):

I take the eagerness to make this argument, no matter how factually grounded, to be another step in the wussification of this country. Ronald Reagan did not care if people called him mean nor did the Tricky One. A driving need to be seen as wonderful by all and sundry gives us Bill Clinton, and Obama Messiah. It is incapable of defending limited government or the social institutions that protect the family. Now I have to go help a little old lady across the street.

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