Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Science is fun. What is it we're researching, again?

It is no accident that the posting of a story about energy generation from breast motion would be discussed by two of this site's biggest boobs. After some shaking and jostling between JJV and myself, I decided to take matters in both hands to get a feel for the contours of this, uh, piece. OK, OK.

I was amused by the "mostly female scientists" angle of the piece, with my initial reaction being a scientifically determined and empirically derived "Yeah, right." Based on previous research my guess is that most of the work is being done at large Midwestern universities.

JJV, who has previously declared "I yield to no one in my support for the female breast!"*, had this to say:
On the plus side, we could blame Dolly Parton for the energy crisis. Get hopping woman!

*In response to my surprise at his wearing a breast cancer awareness commemorative t-shirt. Pink (aka "manly salmon") is not a prevalent color in his fashion palette.

Update 6/25: J's comment earns promotion to post rank:
Sounds like a tempest in a D-cup to me, Dave.

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J. said...

Sounds like a tempest in a D-cup to me, Dave.