Sunday, September 14, 2008

To the Barackades!

h/t Laura and the other MOTHs


jjv said...

This is great! Best of all Revolution of 1848 was crushed.

CRH said...

That was awesome!

I'm pretty sure the long-haired guy is a Stalinist.

Dave S. said...

1) The final events of Les Miserables occur in 1832, not 1848.

2) If by "crushed" you mean "constitutional monarchy replaced by Second Republic," then yes, the 1848 revolution in France was decisively crushed.

Thanks for the opportunity to brush up (i.e. check Wikipedia) on 19th-century French history and literature.

J. said...

So which one got to sleep with the cute blonde with the cleavage?

jjv said...

The guy playing McCain!