Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baseball anyone?

Yay Boston!

Because I had to see a show on Broadway on Thursday, and go to a party this evening (along w/ 3 of the other 5 on the masthead), I missed watching games 5 & 6. Because you don't F*** with a streak (according to Crash Davis in Bull Durham), I am wary about watching game 7 live.

In 2004, Boston won and in 2005 the Nationals came to DC. In 2007 Boston won, and in 2008 the Nats got a new stadium. Hmmm, if Boston wins in 2008, maybe the Nationals will at least finish 2009 with a winning season. I'm not asking for much, just a better record than this year.

The baseball gods have been bery, bery good to me, I don't even care that I have a crappy team in my back yard. I'm thankful to have a team in my back yard.

Go Sox!

UPDATE: I kept hope alive...and then watched it slowly die in the 8th inning. There is no crying in baseball, the Rays deserved to win that game. I'd love to see them sweep the Phillies in Four.


Dave S. said...

I second all of your sentiments. Yay friends! Yay Sox!

J. said...

I said to the spouse last night, the Red Sox are going to win. I just love being right.

While I have no great love for the Sox (and no, I am not a Yankee fan), I would much rather see a Red Sox - Phillies World Series.

So, go Sox!

jjv said...

It appears this post is in need of updating. Joyful, happy, updating.

Dave S. said...

Through another venue I have been reminded that there is no crying in baseball, although you can bet the Fox TV folks are close to tears.

J. said...

Especially when Tampa wins in four.

Dave S. said...

The worst outcome for Fox would be a six-game Series. Game 7 would see a spike in viewers.

Apparently last night's game did not fill the ballpark, which I find remarkable and, for TV ratings, ominous. On the other hand the best teams made it in so good luck to both.

Dave S. said...

Funky blue font! The student has become the master. How did you do that?

EMM said...

Elementary my dear blogmaster. There is a little button next to the spell check. Lots of pretty colors to choose from.