Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is This the Right Room for a Debate?

Earlier today I laid out some debate predictions in response to my colleague J. Had I followed my instinct and blurted out that the drinking game would hinge on some random theme like "Joe the Plumber" I would a) look like a genius and b) not have the motor skills to type this.

Herewith my brief thoughts:

1) I am frankly surprised that McCain pulled the trigger on the Ayers thing, but in any event it was badly played and wouldn't have dented Obama's shields regardless.

2) Those who think McCain did much better in this debate than previously mistake either light for heat or heat for light, I can never remember which. Commenters who are not JJV, help me out on this.

3) This was, for all intents and purposes, the last night of the campaign. The rest will be a particularly cacophonous silence.

That's all I have for now. Gotta catch the Daily Show. But first:

And for later on, a preview:


J. said...

Joe the Plumber! [SWIG, BURP!]

No wonder I feel so hungover this morning.

jjv said...

I wonder why McCain did not ask Obama to explain why he is so comfortable with so many people who hate this country. Nonetheless, my favorite debate, and my soft spot for Bob Shcieffer is vindicated.

J. said...

Probably because he didn't want Obama asking why McCain's running mate was so comfortable with so many people who hate this country and was sleeping with a secessionist.

And how about that bailout plan that included millions in earmarks that McCain voted for?