Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The 30 minute infomercial by Obama-a product of a massive and fraudlent campaign cash collection system-will be well done and will probably move a few swing votes. As this article notes its a bit old fashioned. But Barack is very old fashioned. His views on family law come out of the communes and the stonewall riots of 40 years ago. His economics from the 30's.

And if you act now we will throw in elmination of the secret ballot in Union elections, vast taxes on capital in a recession and soft on violent crime judges ("hate" crimes excepted)!

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J. said...

As opposed to the tens of thousands of dollars in trips, airfare and personal services Chuck Keating gave to McCain (and those selfless contractors gave to Ted Stevens)!

Only $19.95 plus shipping?! I'll take a dozen Obamas. Could you please have them wrapped up and delivered to the White House on November 5, please.


Btw, I enjoyed the infomercial -- and was impressed by the split-second coordination at the end to go live in Florida. A good omen that, if elected (please, please, please) Obama and his advisors will make sure the proverbial trains run on time.

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