Thursday, October 30, 2008

White Supremacists For Change!

This is pretty hilarious. The White Supremacists are mostly for Obama and the black separatist is for McCain.

They all dislike 1) free markets (apparently a Jewish invention); 2) the war against Islam-fascism (natch); 3) people who are not race conscious; 4) Jews in general.

This was a pretty clever idea by Esquire.


Anonymous said...

Nice sample size. Four *snerk*

More seriously, I heard an interview with the SPLC that noted a generational split in the white racist crowd - the old school kluckers are not voting for a black, not no how, not now way. The younger ones are voting Obama, because they think that it will bring on the race war they are spoiling for.


Dave S. said...

The black separatist and his crew used to broadcast a couple blocks away from our place in DC. As the article notes, they brought about (or had brought upon them) a change in the noise ordinance. One neighbor's crusade for reduced noise is chronicled here. It's on my blogroll but has not been updated since September, as the megaphones have since decamped.