Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Reclaiming Blue

Ross Douthot touches on a peeve of mine. Every four years the networks would have red and blue maps and alternate between the parties every year. Then in 2000 the famous map became a cause celebre, the year Republicans were Red.

Conservatives are not Red. They are Blue, or in Russia, White.

Compare. True Blue. Red October. Blue Hawaii Red Dawn. Get it?

Extra points for anyone who knows why Blue Hawaii is conservative.


Dave S. said...

You're getting to this only now? Is your To Rant list that long?

Don't answer that.

Frankly I can't believe the GOP let the networks get away with that in the first place, but too bad I say. I know exactly how you would respond if the Dems were in this position.

No idea why Blue Hawaii is conservative but I await that special kind of enlightenment that only JJV, or in some cases Reynolds Wrap, can provide.

J. said...

Blue Hawaii... I saw that Elvis movie. The tagline was "Ecstatic romance...exotic dances...exciting music in the world's lushest paradise of song!" Yup. Sounds Conservative to me. It also features a Chad (who was, briefly, left hanging) and Angela Lansbury (shades of "The Manchurian Candidate")!

Pass the poi...

EMM said...

JJV, if I'm right can I trade my points in for prizes?


I could not help when seeing Red Dawn, saying to myself, "Wolverines"!

jjv said...

It is conservative because it has Elvis in it and he has just gotten out of the military and is looking for a job not a handout.