Friday, October 10, 2008

We Have Nowhere Else to Go.

This is a very good piece in Slate. You never see conservatives threaten to leave the country if their candidate loses. You see a lot of it from liberals. We are like Richard Gere in an Officer and a Gentlemen. No matter how badly we get beaten up, lying there in the rain, bleeding, we simply can't DOR, crying instead "I got nowhere else to go!" Liberals admire a lot of other countries and we really don't. Further we don't feel like we just happen to be here. General Grant begins his memoirs, "I'm American as is all of my family on both sides for 7 generations." It was important to him to note that. Pre-1960's immigrants also rarely favorably compare the old country to this one. We are also not post-modern or "citizens of the world." All we can do is ride out the storm that is coming hoping for better days ahead and that some small part of our America will be preserved in the Brave New World Bill Ayers friend and Rev Wrights communicant, will create for us emboldened by overwhelming Democratic majorities.

Of course, nobody abjures holing up in Idaho with ammo and canned goods.


EMM said...

Or, we could buy Iceland. It could be set up like a timeshare. Depending how despondent one might be, you could get a discount for multiple weeks.

Idado does have good skiing though...

Anonymous said...

Another JJV myth busted. Christopher Buckley (son of William F.) is (like my brother) planning on casting his vote for a Democrat for President for the first time in his life:

Which is interesting, in and of itself. But I just happened to notice in the comment stream is a conservative who is planning on leaving the country if Obama wins. Name = Elizmead, commenting at 1:37pm on 10/11 if you want to skim :)


jjv said...

Wow, one comment was found on a blog, me thesis is disproven!

Anonymous said...

*rolls eyes* You said "never", JJV. I guess I should have replied (in proper GG&SS fashion) "what, never?" but the fact that I had seen a disproving example earlier that very day was pretty darn delicious.


Dave S. said...

Well... Hardly ever!!!
(Never ever said by JJV)
Now give three cheers
And one cheer more
For the crackpot buyers at the Wingnut Store!

Exeunt omnes