Friday, November 14, 2008


Putting Hillary in charge of peace is like putting Bill in charge of a convent. A talent mismatch shall we say? Jules Crittenden has out done himself here. Hillary Clinton's simmering rage, resentments, no holds barred ferocity should be put to good use in the hills of Pakistan and other places where rag wearing fanatics think they have seen carnage.

The image I love best from this piece is here:

"Having Hillary snarling at the end of a long leash would allow Obama to continue speaking softly, and shrug sheepishly, “Hey, that’s Hillary, what can I say?” whenever she rips anything to shreds."

Or, in the Chicago manner, hey nice almost built nuclear facility you got there, shame if anything were to happen to it."

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J. said...

You want her, admit it JJV.

Btw, I love the idea of Father Bill Clinton. Doing penance just took on new meaning. [Insert habit joke here.]