Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Put Up or Shut Up

I believe that liberal governance leads to disaster and national weakness and division. But even more the liberal project promises its adherents happiness and even in the extreme version utopia. Remember Edwards claiming under a Kerry administration people like Christopher Reeves would get up and walk? Obama is going to start the Oceans receding.

Now, to my horror, they have it all. God help the taxpayer and the unborn but the author is right, no excuses now.


J. said...

Forget about the oceans receding, JJV. It's men's hairlines that are the real problem. And I think a lot of readers (even Republican ones) would agree that if Obama could solve the male receding hairline problem that would be a change we could all believe in.

Getting back to the oceans for just a minute, though, the problem is climate change (as you corrected me the other day), and again, if Obama and Congress can do something to slow that, power to them.

P.S. The verification word is "rocker," and I would like to think I rocked this comment.

jjv said...

If he fixed the receding hair line I might vote for him.

J. said...

You heard it here first, folks!

Team Obama: Your mission is clear!

jjv said...

Really I would think this Biden's area of expertise.

J. said...

And don't his plugs look great? Every time I look at him on TV, I just want to run my hands through that gorgeous white mane of his.