Monday, November 17, 2008

Three is a Magic Number

As I was about to shut down the computer for the night I did some quick math, checked our archives, and realized that today is the third anniversary of Potpourri for $500. So Happy Anniversary to us! Little did I think that three years on we would have a multi-writer masthead, all of whom have posted at least twice.

I would like to thank my blogging colleagues -- yes, even JJV -- for providing our readers, who I also want to thank, with plenty to think about over the past 618 posts, starting here. I especially want to thank our maniple* of commenters for engaging in lively discourse or, failing that, clever one-off remarks.

On a specific level, thanks to EMM for indirectly inspiring this post's title.

*We don't have enough for a legion or even a cohort, but we are a happy few nonetheless.


J. said...

Belated happy birthday, P4500!

EMM said...

Hip hip hooray! We'll have to raise a toast together to celebrate next Thursday.

Anonymous said...

OMG - I was the 2nd of your now infamous mannipples to comment on the first post of your blog!