Friday, December 05, 2008

Frat Boys for Obama

In my continuing effort to follow the "Life of Brian" advice to look on the bright side of life, I link to this picture. It is heartening in a number of ways. First, those fellows look like fraternity guys, particularly the guy with the "Obama Staff" shirt. Second, they are not groping an Obama cut-0ut. Third, they are drinking beer. Fourth, the girl behind them, if not a cardboard cut out of Angelina Jolie, is attractive and non-spacey looking. Fifth, Hillary's repsonse is actually funny.

I would not have believed any of this, seeing the white youthful supporters of Obama as sprout eating, PC, tea-totalling, androgny afflicted, weenies. Further, genuinely funny responses from Hillary Clinton are thin on the ground. Perhaps it won't be so bad.


J. said...

So THAT's what happened to my Obama t-shirt!

I don't know which Obama supporters you've been hanging out with, JJV. Most of the ones I know are pretty wild - more like the crew pictured on the blog you link to. And chicks (good looking, buxom, non-spacey, real ones) really dig Barack and those who support him.

So, can we expect your vote next time 'round?

EMM said...

Can you imagine the sexist, tailhook-esque fallout that would have happened if the boys in this picture had been Republicans?

I speak only for myself that I will support Obama as my President. I am hopeful that the economy, country, et. al. will be in a much better state in 4 years.

But, I'm not going to drink the kool-aid and become a follower. I ate lunch with a woman today who talked as if Obama could walk on water.

I believe that there are some people who hate Bush and his administration so much that they are unable to comprehend that a person could vote for McCain, yet still support and not be negative about Obama.

Cheers to January!

Dave S. said...

What does "tea-totalling" involve, counting leaves? Also, it is a sign of your demoralization that the words "latte-sipping" and "chablis" appear nowhere in your otherwise routine screed.

Watch your back, JJV - doesn't Goldfarb have it in for D&D types?

Anonymous said...

Dude! One of those Frat boys is a top Obama speechwriter. Jone something or other.. Favreau, I think. Makes the photo even sweeter.

Dave S. said...

Dude! That's what the linked-to post says. JJV makes you work for it by hiding the link in the post title. I will do something rash and pointless the day he learns HTML.

Anonymous said...

Frat boys don't turn their cuffs back.

tim maguire said...'s always been the case that Obama is nothing more than the coolest kid in high school. His non-racially motivated support comes from the expected cliques--wannabes and other assorted hangers on.

EMM said...

Dude! Excellent analogy.

Mberenis said...

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Bandit said...

One of the many things I hope there's never a picture of me doing is groping a cardboard cutout of an ugly woman.

J. said...

Btw, this same story and picture just made it to Balloon Juice.

And if you think what these guys did to Hillary was bad, you should have seen what Sean Hannity and McCain's speech writers did to their Sarah Palin cutout.

jjv said...

Wait! There are Sarah Palin cut outs? Are they inflatable?

Also, I do not know who Bandit is but his comment made me laugh out loud.

J. said...

Yes, JJV, there are Sarah Palin cutouts. Even have a picture of the spouse posing with one (no fondling involved).