Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will Assad Stop At Nothing?

I usually am quite alert to threats from the Islamic world. The Assads, father and son, from the minority Alawite sect have ruled Syria with an iron hand for over 40 years. They think nothing of assasinating democrats in Lebanon, cashing in on the drug trade, allying with the U.S. against Saddam, and with Iran against the U.S. Their foolish loss of the Golan Heights in an effort to destroy Israel forever still rankles and they prop up Hezbollah to avenge and reverse this loss. I felt I could no longer be surprised at vile doings from Syria.

But here my blood ran cold when I saw the diabolical devices the Syrians are working on. Under garments that operate on the same principle as the clapper! Musicial knickers! Obviously, they know the way to bring the West crashing down.


J. said...

How I long for the simpler days of edible underwear.

Dave S. said...

They had me at "backgammon"...

J, always make sure the undies are halal.

jjv said...

I wonder if the musical garments are like I-Pods and you can change the music around? Possible songs (since you all love John Mayer so) "Your Body's a Wonderland."
"If you think I'm sexy"(Rod Stewart)
"Baby's Got Back" (Sir Mix a lot)
"Lets Do It" (Cole Porter (Sinatra version)
"She's Got Legs" (ZZ Top)

J. said...

Or Kosher, in my case. : )

JJV, I see you've given this a lot of thought. Do you think there are also musical men's undergarments? I'm thinking (since it's almost Christmas) "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire."