Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Its Gotta Be the Shoes.

I nearly posted the Austin Powers "who throws shoes" line but its all over the internet. Ralph Peters sums up my sentiments exactly. I also love his last line. I will also say this it is amazing the speed with which President Bush reacted. Reflexes like a fighter pilot. Oh yea, he was.

The glee with which some on the left have greeted this display reminds us how quickly the Left cozies up to dictators are wreckers. This fellow works for an Egyptian agency where, had he done this on its home turf, he would have been tortured at minimum. He is a die hard Sunni-Saddamite. But he is the toast of Greenwich Village.


Dave S. said...

As I have said elsewhere, I am against the throwing of shoes. A Manolo is a terrible thing to waste.

EMM said...

I appreciate your shoe smarts! I just went to the Manolo site and saw that the 2008-09 collection includes shoes inspired by suits of armor. Shoes as weapons...but we already knew that from "Single White Female". Stiletto to the eyeball...eeeew!

Dave S. said...

Forget "SWF," what about Lotte Lenya in "From Russia with Love"?