Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why There Are No Squirrels in Finland

Frequent contributor JWT comes through again with a link to an avant-garde Finnish accordionist. Now, most of you are saying, "OK, Dave, you had me at 'accordionist'" but check out the money quote:
Pohjonen would often climb on top of amplifiers or jump around the stage with his instrument. He has been called "the Hendrix of the accordion" by Finnish musical press due to his stage presence and use of electronic effects such as the wah-wah pedal."
As I noted in an acknowledgment to JWT, I would almost pay money to see a wah-wah pedal used in conjunction with an accordion. But not quite.

Update: JWT helpfully (?) provided the following. I did not listen as it is late and Laura is asleep, but the visuals are compelling. Warning: contains almost 7 minutes of sound.

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Anonymous said...

I also like the image of the band performing inside a giant, metal egg. It has a distinct Spinal Tap quality that one doesn't find outside Scandinavia anymore.

Oh, and I can't imbed this link, but since you're practically begging for it: