Friday, February 27, 2009

You Want Fries With That?

This piece by Eberstat hit a nerve. One of things that stuns me is how people talk about food as sinful but would never do so to even the most outrageous behavior on other fronts. She does not discuss smoking but things are similar there. The repeal of the sodomy laws and license on abortion, was swiftly followed or coincided with the ban on smoking in bars. It is amazing to me that you can't even get a license to allow smoking in bars but can set up just about any deviant gathering place you like as long as cigarettes are forbidden. Of course the abortuaries run day and night. They are the vomitoriums of our modern gluttony.

The advanced thinkers favor at the same time "gay marriage" and banning fast food in poor neigborhoods. The Left now leads assaults on meat eating, alcohol and tobacco, but marijuana and promiscuity are sanctioned. Its really an amazing turn of events. It can't be explained by the "second hand smoke" theory as no one is second hand fat.

Yet what has all this near absolute license on sex and near taboo on eating gotten us? Fewer and fewer, fatter and fatter children. Go figure.

Somehow I can't end this depressing post without recalling George Costanza's perfect sexual moment. Extra points to anyone who gets the trifecta.

UPDATE: No Left Turns which is a group of West Coast Conservatives I associate with Harry Jaffa and the West Coast Straussians, has a phenonmenally erudite piece on the bourgeousie attitude to sex and food by Peter Lawler. I could not say it better so I link to it here:

This is what I mean by the "bicycle helmet" people. I forsee the day when you can do anything you want but smoke and use masculine and femine pronouns, but must do it with a government issue bicycle helmet and condom at all times.


Lietzy said...

Let the kids smoke and drink. That'll keep 'em skinny.

(that was your point, wasn't it?)

Anonymous said...

Food, tv, and sex, not in any particular order. Cheer up, there's no ban on tv, yet, unless it's analog; the crosshairs are set on analog.


PS The word verification is "eneeph," which I'll take as the cosmos' support for you, although the cosmos could use a dictionary.

J. said...

For some reason the title (and subject) of this post has got me singing the Milkshake Song. (Sorry Dave. Resistance is futile.)

jjv said...

JWT gets extra points. Huck Finn smoked and everyone loved him!

Anonymous said...

For those that think I'm fat and over-sexed, I can assure you, I'm batting only .500!

Dave P.

Dave S. said...

"Harry Jaffa and the West Coast Straussians" sounds like a lounge waltz combo.

I confess to not making it through the entirety of either piece, as I tired of saying "No" at the end of each paragraph. Now I know how it feels to be a Congressional Republican reading the budget.

Anonymous said...

The day may yet come when people call 911 for nonsense or enjoy a cat bong but until that day comes we can probably go without the bicycle helmets.

Anonymous said...

ok, that last post was a just a me showing off my coding mastery