Sunday, March 08, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

I had planned on some happy baseball post this morning. The Nationals confirmed that my tickets will be sent in the next couple of weeks. Opening day at home will be on April 13th against the Phillies. Already planning to take the whole day off and treat the day like a holiday.

But no, when I woke up after an evening robbed of an extra hour of sleep, what did I see on the news first? TO is going to be a Bill. Ugh, the drama-rama-prima-donna in Buffalo.

This article from SI puts the deal into perspective.

I'd like nothing more than to see Buffalo in the playoffs. Back in the day, even with the 4 super bowl losses, it was fun being a fan.

Go Bills!


J. said...

Maybe Buffalo will be T.O.'s one true place, EMM. You never know. And rumor has it that Plax may be back on the Giants roster, so we can commiserate -- and place a bet as to which team will have shot itself in the foot (or the thigh).

J. said...

P.S. Since you wanted happy baseball news, A-Rod is having hip surgery TOMORROW. Apparently Madonna inflicted so much damage (or was it that rabid Red Sox fan), the Yanks just couldn't put it off.

Dave S. said...

I am going to hear about this from my Redskins fan boss tomorrow, as last week I was passing along speculation that Snyder would do his usual private jet/checkbook routine with T.O.

I'm afraid I am not optimistic of how this will work out for Buffalo...