Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Was Only A Matter Of Time, vol. 5346

Laura and I did not join the ShamWow Generation so much as have it thrust upon us, having received one from the carpet cleaning company who spiffed up our family room carpet and couch last week. However, we have taken to heart the hard-won knowledge of our friend and co-blogger J and vowed never to wash it. I guess that would be a ShamVow or something.

Had Marx been more tech-savvy ("Was ist das Twitter?!") he may have posited that Internet memes repeat themselves, the first time as YouTube, the second time as song parody.


J. said...

Welcome to Generation ShamWow! Btw, the only ShamDon't is to not wash it in a washing machine or put it in the drier, Dave. I think washing and wringing it by hand is fine.

J. said...

P.S. The "ShamWow Song" is BRILLIANT. LMAO. I particularly liked the image of David Hasselhof (German engineering?) and the guy (Rhett?) drinking the Coke from the wrung out ShamWow. Tasty. Those guys totally remind me of the "Flight of the Conchords" guys.

Dave S. said...

Wringing by hand had better be OK for it, as Vince spends the better part of the commercial doing just that!

EMM said...

Vince SAYS you can wash it in the washing machine. We're supposed to trust Vince...I'm going to buy one just to prove him right!

The song parody was brilliant!!!

Random Note to Dave S. The city of Boston says "hello"!