Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Captain's Blog

Sorry for the delay in posting my thoughts on Star Trek, which 60% of the masthead saw the weekend before last. My initial observations got trapped by a plot device or something.

At any rate, the "reboot," as the kids say, exceeded my expectations and represents a series of throwdowns to the original canon, staking out lots of uncharted narrative territory in the process. If the sequels can be as good as this then they can make as many as they want.

I particularly enjoyed the pre-characterizations of the main characters (i.e. you see flashes of the chronologically later versions of the characters here) as well as the overt references to Wrath of Khan. As this is a spoiler-free post I will say no more.

My only objection is that there was nothing like this, but I expect the DVD/director's cut to remedy the minor oversight:


Anonymous said...

And I was expecting Proud Mary. Big wheels keep on toinin'...

robkroese said...

The summer blockbusters have been pretty disappointing this years. Wolverine was so-so and I'm hearing bad things about T4. Everybody seems to like this one though.