Saturday, May 30, 2009

They Have the Same Effect on Me

The Washington Post reports that a local Krispy Kreme factory is clogging a sewage plant. Police, not surprisingly, are investigating.

You may have to set up a bogus login account to read it but the key detail missing from hassle-free sources is the sewage plant "reeking of donuts." Not sure whether to credit Woodward or Bernstein for that nugget.


EMM said...

From the article, "News of the suit, and its graphic descriptions of the corrosive damage to iron pipes, led to inevitable questions yesterday about the impact the doughnuts have had on human arteries. Little, the Krispy Kreme spokesman, did not care to engage on that subject."

Don't try to ruin it for all of us...ignorance is bliss when it comes to donuts.


J. said...

I'm with EMM. Ignorance is bliss, and not just where donuts are concerned. Though speaking of donuts, I could totally go for a chocolate frosted with sprinkles from Dunkin Donuts right about now. Yummy. (If I had some red wine later, do you think that would negate the doughnut effect?)